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Paving the Path for the Next Generation: Braven Chicago Summit 2019

Caitlin Stankus

Our next generation of leaders, Gen Z (born 1995-2010), will emerge from everywhere, and will continue to transform the future workplace (more so than Millennials). They have only experienced a high-tech, hyper-connected world, where information is at their fingertips, a Google search away. Because of this, Gen Z will bring a new set of behaviors, expectations and preferences into the workplace.

Lead with Less: Kindle Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy

Caitlin Stankus

I recently journeyed to the 2018 Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC), where there was a lot to soak in. My fellow Kindler and I were drawn to SIC to interact and engage with leaders who share values we strive to meet at Kindle every day: a commitment to excellence, curiosity and respect for all. SIC is a two-day conference where creativity, technology, business and culture converge, and it didn’t disappoint.