McDonald's Worldwide Convention

The brand's largest global gathering gets more connected.

McDonald's Worldwide Convention

The brand's largest global gathering gets more connected.



Gather insights and information to better understand the desired outcomes, the audience mindset and the available tools and channels.

Business insight

Customer needs and behaviors are always changing - especially with Millennials.

As the company worked to redefine customer convenience and its brand image with new digital technologies and mobile solutions, it was also working to get its most invested audience (Owner/Operators across its global system) onboard with a more modern approach to business.

Communication Opportunity

Every two years, McDonald's hosts its Worldwide Convention to gather its most important stakeholders for inspiration, information and celebration. From daily global sessions and A-list entertainment to interactive learning experiences and an exhibit floor spanning more than four football fields, Worldwide is the event that connects the System and charts its trajectory.

And, in 2014, a new part of that trajectory was embracing the power of digital.

Audience profile

15,000 McDonald's Owner/Operators, corporate staff, agencies and suppliers from 119 countries.



Spark a sound strategy with informed, cohesive creative and design recommendations to maximize engagement and effectiveness.


To create and sustain a thriving connection between McDonald's and its Owner/Operators, and to establish the promise of mobile technology for reaching their customers, we first sought to build and strengthen attendees' connection with one another and the content at Convention.


  • Bring in the customer voice, unfiltered, on the platforms they use every day
  • Empower attendees to share their own ideas and moments from the event using digital and mobile solutions
  • Demonstrate the convenience of digital technology firsthand
  • Enhance overall engagement and reinforce top priorities through targeted content delivery


Ignite audiences by delivering best-in-class experiences that are thoughtfully-managed and expertly-executed.


It all started with the creation of a responsive website and custom app utilizing social media aggregation, location-based messaging and a closed social network. Next, in addition to the fully immersive visual environments for general sessions and strategic messaging for executives on stage, Kindle helped design an onsite Engagement Center featuring a broadcast hub, digital concierge bar and LED video walls displaying the social stream from the website.



  • 10,841 unique users downloaded and actively incorporated the app into their onsite experience (more than 70% of all attendees), and a typical user referenced the app 7-12 times each day
  • The internal social component, WWChat, featured 3,301 posts, including 2,900 with photos
  • Kindle partnered with Urban Airship to send out segmented push notifications that included welcome messages, logistics, daily recaps and video greetings from talent – 164,517 individual push notifications were opened
  • The team won “Best Event App” and “Best Combination of Event Technologies (B-to-B)” (placing behind Google) at Event Tech the same year.
  • Featured in BizBash – a premier corporate event publication
  • Worldwide 2016 saw an expansion of digital applications and offered greater personalization, drawing even higher adoption and activity

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