We don’t just have great ideas, we make them happen. Which is why working at Kindle means working together. We are a creative, collaborative bunch and we’re always in search of courageous thinkers, hard workers and fun-loving people like you.


we move the people that move your business.

Be it a leading global business, a game-changing startup or an awe-inspiring cause, we understand that it takes human ingenuity, passion and action to make the impossible possible.

At Kindle, we apply our unique combination of expertise in the arts, trends and human behaviors to connect people around the world and empower them to impact the world in incredible ways.

Together, these are the people that power progress. And, as a result, so do we.


We take our people personally. We invest in their success by providing ongoing opportunities for growth and new experiences. We celebrate our similarities just as much as our differences. We take care of our kin.

Full-time employees can expect:

Competitive pay, comprehensive healthcare benefits and PTO
Unique, targeted development opportunities

Profit-sharing and 401(k) matching
Fun, energetic and convenient West Loop environment

Onboarding ambassador and team outings
Bonfires, volleyball teams, impromptu ping pong, and parties for the sake of it
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If you’re used to hearing, “How on earth would you pull that off?!” you just may have found your kind of workplace with your kind of people. So, kindly get in touch.

Client Advocates
  • People person with a passion for process
  • Not afraid to step up or speak out
  • Supportive and solution-driven
Meticulous Minds
  • Dives headfirst into details
  • Most ecstatic when juggling budgets, timelines and turmoil
  • Leads fearlessly while having fun
Strategic Types
  • World-class communicator
  • Equally enjoys reading, writing and problem solving
  • Always ready with the perfect quote or anecdote
Creative Thinkers
  • Doesn’t color in the lines
  • Always thinks out loud
  • Has a way with art supplies, words, Adobe, or all three
Gifted Geeks
  • Tech-minded and team-friendly
  • Ready to code, decode or develop a solution to almost any problem
  • Can properly pronounce GIF
Teachers & Trainers
  • Ultra-focused listener
  • Knows no one can ever know enough
  • Makes learning fresh and gratifying

Whether you're a producer type who dives into the details, an inspired creative mind, someone who’s good at getting business (and keeping it), a visual visionary … or a little bit in-between, we’d love to hear from you.

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