Healthcare Company Launch Meeting

Launching not just a product, but a movement.


Healthcare Company Launch Meeting

Launching not just a product, but a movement.



Gather insights and information to better understand the desired outcomes, the audience mindset and the available tools and channels.

Business Insight

Using a breakthrough combination of two therapies, this longtime healthcare client launched a new, first-in-class product aimed at patients looking to lose weight. Patients who had longer suffered from obesity or being overweight would now have a new way forward - but it would require them to be proactive and remain motivated while on therapy.

Communication Opportunity

A launch meeting experience with communication touchpoints pre- and post-event.

Audience profile

Approximately 2,000 sales reps



Spark a sound strategy with informed, cohesive creative and design recommendations to maximize engagement and effectiveness.


Knowing that this new treatment option would require clear messaging that both educated and empowered physicians and patients alike, much of the experience and theme of the launch was centered around the attitude needed to be successful - both for patients on treatment and for reps in the market.


A simple, powerful theme rooted in a call-to-action: Take Control.

  • Gamification elements to fuel the competitive spirit of the audience and an integrated philanthropic moment
  • Have attendees share in the excitement of launch with private social network, personalized content and real-time push announcements via a custom app and website.


Ignite audiences by delivering best-in-class experiences that are thoughtfully-managed and expertly-executed.


Before ever stepping foot onsite, attendees were taking steps to earn points in the "Step Up" Challenge - a salesforce-wide initiative that had reps "striding toward wellness" with provided, trackable FitBits. Upon reaching the overall amount of steps needed to complete the challenge, a monetary contribution was made to the Obesity Action Coalition on their behalf.

Onsite, an action-packed agenda and high-energy experience saw everything from up-and-coming name talent perform live on stage - complete with backing vocalists and full band - to a series of inspiring segments hosted by a renowned celebrity.

Compelling, Kindle-crafted messages from leadership and breathtaking graphics spanning from the big screen to those in the hands of attendees kept the entire audience captivated throughout the week.

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