HP Reinvent Evening Celebration

An elevated evening celebration that created a sense of community and a positive emotional connection for attendees.

HP Reinvent Evening Celebration

HP Reinvent Evening Celebration

An elevated evening celebration that created a sense of community and a positive emotional connection for attendees.


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Business Insight

An elevated evening celebration was in order to revitalize this annual event and build two key relationships:

  1. Cultivate live moments of connection among attendees
  2. Create an emotional connection to the latest products on display at the event. In addition to networking, the event had to provide unique opportunities for attendees to interact with HP’s transformative technology, entertain guests, put sustainability at the forefront, provide a socially sharable experience and make it memorable.

Communication Opportunity

Creating a sense of community and a positive emotional connection for attendees was the ultimate goal, and HP also had the opportunity to provide shareworthy experiences to reach a broader audience. Kindle identified the opportunity to create a bond with HP’s transformative technology, the purpose of which is to connect people and improve lives by constantly reinventing, through a dynamic, never-before-seen live experience.

Audience profile

1,500 executives from HP’s leading channel, retail and alliance partners.

HP Reinvent Evening Celebration


Spark a sound strategy with informed, cohesive creative and design recommendations to maximize engagement and effectiveness.


HP engineers experiences that amaze. With their technology, it allows people to reinvent the way they work, play and live – thus allowing them to reinvent their world. We were inspired to create an experience that reflected the creator in everyone through technology – an event that would allow attendees to see, feel, taste and experience the vision of HP, both in person and in their social communities.


  • Create an experience that has a lasting impact on HP partners and a minimum impact on the space.
  • Surprise and delight with high-touch engagement at every turn.
  • Infuse the host city culture by featuring local chefs, musicians and artists.
  • Offer an interactive experience with HP technologies that builds an emotional connection to HP as well as to other attendees.
  • Provide “instagrammable” moments that attendees would want to share with friends, colleagues and family.
HP Reinvent Evening Celebration


Ignite audiences by delivering best-in-class experiences that are thoughtfully-managed and expertly-executed.


  • We embraced the space by using the natural landscape as our canvas for dynamic and interactive lighting. Attendees could interact with the environment with the simple tap of a button or spin of a dial to change the entire 5-acre space with various lighting effects.
  • In line with the sustainability initiative, we used a premier LEED-certified lighting design company, promoted recycling by allowing attendees to vote on upcoming songs through recycling choices and hired local talent and production partners to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • The organic, self-guided nature of exploration throughout the event allowed attendees to interact with technology and provided an opportunity to network with peers all at a grand scale.
  • A living logo helped create a sense of space digitally by branding “instagrammable” moments and geofencing to make it a more shareable experience on Snapchat.
HP Reinvent Evening Celebration


Delivered a memorable flawless, fully packaged experience that included interactive technology, music, food, culture and community.

  • Boasted the most well attended event and attendee duration to date.
  • Sustainability results:
    • Lighting display was comprised of LEED certified LED fixtures to reduce power consumption significantly, and lake-bound light orbs were of zoological marine grade—they don’t transport any waterborne pollutants or parasites
    • Signage was printed on 100 percent recyclable meterboards
    • Carbon footprint was limited with the use of local labor teams
    • Recycling was promoted throughout the event in unique ways (ie: recycle voting) which reduced the overall waste collection.
  • Brought the brand to life in a new and unique way to set a tone that was consistent with the authentic, approachable and modern brand that HP is
  • Clients were thrilled with the end result – calling it “ambitious & imaginative” and “stunning work – checking every box we had!”

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