McDonald's Worldwide Convention

The brand’s largest global gathering levels up on engagement, measurement, content and scenic design.

McDonald's Worldwide Convention

The brand’s largest global gathering levels up on engagement, measurement, content and scenic design.



Gather insights and information to better understand the desired outcomes, the audience mindset and the available tools and channels.

Business insight

For over 20 years, Kindle Communications has worked closely with McDonald’s internal teams to produce the biennial Worldwide Convention—including content/messaging development, environmental design and staging, digital strategy and implementation, procurement of entertainment and graphic & video production.

Kindle is involved in nearly every aspect of the Convention.

Communication Opportunity

This is a paramount meeting for McDonald’s, as iconic as their brand, with three main goals:

  1. Instill company pride and energize owner/operators to make change, globally.
  2. Celebrate success of the entire McDonald’s system.
  3. Take a look forward—set goals and provide support to reach them.

Audience profile

15,000+ McDonald's Owner/Operators, corporate staff, agencies and suppliers from 119 countries.



Spark a sound strategy with informed, cohesive creative and design recommendations to maximize engagement and effectiveness.


With McDonald’s goals in mind, we saw the opportunity to:

  • Create an effortless, customizable and enjoyable digital experience built to enhance the live convention by prioritizing information based on attendee.
  • Connect attendees to each other and their core convention priorities to ensure maximum value.
  • Build high-energy engagement through set design, presentation graphics, speakers, message delivery and entertainment.
  • Enhance overall engagement and reinforce top priorities through targeted content delivery.


Our strategy involved two concurrent lines of thinking: Live Experiential and Digital…

Live Experiential:

  • Create fully immersive visual environments for general sessions.
  • Drive strategic messaging for executives on stage and connect content with the mission of the brand team.
  • Develop a dynamic and cohesive collection of presenters, hosts and entertainment.
  • Disrupt traditional templated PowerPoint presentations with custom-created graphics built uniquely for each presentation.


  • Empower attendees to share their own ideas and moments from the event using digital and mobile solutions.
  • Enhance overall engagement and reinforce top priorities through targeted content delivery.
  • Enhance profile customization so the individual is consistently at the center.
  • Provide an intuitive way to personalize the attendee experience.
  • Add a gaming element to encourage participation.
  • Devise a rating system designed to solicit ongoing feedback.


Ignite audiences by delivering best-in-class experiences that are thoughtfully-managed and expertly-executed.


Digital: Based on metrics from 2016 Worldwide, we adjusted the 2018 user experience and interface to reflect how we learned attendees liked to engage with the site and over email. Click here for more detail and results of the entire digital campaign.

Content: We helped manage messaging, content development, speaker support, speech writing and graphics for McDonald’s executives and outside speakers.

Scenic Environment: We created a unique, in-the-round-style set with over 700 kinetic lights, to provide an immersive experience for the 15,000+ attendees. This design set the scene for a laser focus on presenters, the business at hand and the heart of the company’s vision. We also placed three satellite stages in the audience, providing a 360° environment in which, content-wise, we could spur storytelling and conversation between main stage presenters and others. This dynamic environment then completely transformed from in-the-round to a panoramic multi-screen set for the closing session and a Final Night performance that included A-list entertainment.

Outside Perspective: Engaged a well-renowned outside speaker to share perspective on being an iconic, global, well-respected, Chicago-based brand with a parallel turnaround story, solid five-year plan, commitment to transparency and a base of support within the organization that enabled ultimate success.

On-screen graphics: Turned away from traditional templated PowerPoint designs in favor of building graphics hand-in-hand with the scenic design, paying unique and particular attention to the use of graphics to visually support presenters’ messages.

Host: Contracted a big-name celebrity host with global recognition and a proven interview style to provide a conversational platform for executives to tell their stories.

Entertainment: Arranged top-tier talent, including musicians and artists, to supercharge the event and set the stage for the top McDonald’s executives.

Scenic switch: For the first time ever at Worldwide, we transformed the entire environment on the fourth day from in-the-round to a panoramic, multi-screen set to support the shift in tone of the presentations from audience interaction to leadership focus. That evening we then hosted a Final Night concert with A-List, Grammy-level talent on stage.

Live feed: Leveraged the huge screens and groundbreaking cellular transmission technology to do a live feed from McDonald’s world headquarters to the large screens, with the Kindle crew managing from both places for two-way dialogue.



Highest level of engagement ever seen at a Worldwide event.

The most functional, data-driven and successful convention website—focused on rallying attendees to engage with the convention ahead of time and to begin to customize their onsite experience before they even arrived.

Broke new digital ground with a metrics-informed, hyper-personalized on-site experience.

90 percent adoption rate of the app—the largest digital engagement in convention history.

Our custom dashboard allowed McDonald’s to get real-time updates on:

  • Insights in real-time for tweaks and pivots on-site.
  • 10+ sources of data aggregated into a KPI-oriented dashboard.
  • Insights into app, website, email and exhibit floor technology performance and metrics.
  • Informed push notification content, email cadence and future digital/event strategy.

Gold Winner for Best Event App at the 2018 Event Technology Awards

App Stats over 18 days:

  • Photo Stream (social platform): 1883 posts, 7,940 likes, 421 comments
  • Unique Users: 12,030
  • Unique Sessions: 127,452
  • Crash-Free Sessions: 99.99 percent
  • Badges Earned: 39,137
  • Average Session Duration: 4:24

Website stats over 11 weeks:

  • Unique Users: 29,466
  • Unique Sessions: 102,180

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