preparing for the event of the future: introducing live+

featuring Josh Lifrak, current MLB Mental Performance Coach and former Director of the Chicago Cubs Mental Skills Program

Wednesday, May 12 | 1:00 - 1:30PM CDT

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Kindle Communications


Mental Performance Coach

Major League Baseball


As live events begin to make their return, the live experience will undoubtedly be different than it was pre-pandemic. In this episode of Fireside Chats, Kindle’s Chief Creative Officer Matt Williams will introduce a new, strategic approach for the trending “hybrid” concept, LIVE+, that provides a more unique, memorable experience designed for the in-person attendee with special consideration for remote participants. Instead of force-fitting the live and remote experience together, LIVE+ identifies the right moments to connect the two strategically in a way that makes sense.

Joining him will be Josh Lifrak, mental performance expert and consultant, where they’ll discuss:

  • The MLB’s experience returning to the live setting
  • What’s necessary to change attendee mindsets
  • Why going back to live is so important
  • The psychological and cultural impact of the live environment
  • ...and more!

About Josh Lifrak

Over the past 17 years Josh Lifrak, M.S., has worked with elite athletes and corporate leaders to help them perform at their highest levels. He has also been instrumental in helping transform organizational cultures and individual mindsets to create an environment for optimal development and growth.

He is currently a Major League Mental Performance Coach and served for five years as Director of the Mental Skills Program for the Chicago Cubs from 2014 - 2019. There he was in charge of helping all the members of the Chicago Cubs reach their full potential—both as players and as a people. In addition, he is the President of Lift Up Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping individuals and companies fulfill their greatness.

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