From psychologists, strategists and seasoned speechwriters to award-winning video game designers, filmmakers and advertising copywriters, our team of experts applies an understanding of the arts, behaviors and trends to create compelling concepts and communications – and results – for the world’s biggest brands.

Client Services

No one takes better care of their clients than Kindle. Our client advocates dig in deep with every account to ensure the strategy is on point, the process is smooth and everyone’s needs are being met. Whether it’s a candid conversation, a unique perspective or a proactive solution, rest assured your Kindle account manager will know just what you need.

  • 80% of our team either represented client brands or were clients before Kindlers. This gives us a unique mix of industry experience – from food service and retail to pharma and tech.
  • 60% of us held roles in other functional areas before joining the client services team, including: production, digital, strategy, marketing and training.

& Design

We bring the brightest minds together to tell the right story at the right time, every time. Our creative and design team collaborate on each project to ensure the messaging captivates the eyes, ears and hearts of the audience.

  • Some of our best ideas come from our afterhours alter-egos as filmmakers, coaches, travelers, foodies, bloggers and film-buffs.
  • 81% of our team majored or minored in graphic design.


When Kindle manages a project, expect it to be on time, on track and on target. Led by our seasoned producers, this Kindle team is a group of meticulous overachievers and proactive problem-solvers who keep everything on schedule and on budget, all while pushing the envelope to execute truly extraordinary experiences.

  • Together, we have 197 years of production experience. Our newest team member has been at it for 2 years, while our most seasoned is still going strong after 30 years!
  • From Red Vines to Peanut M&Ms, our production team never goes on-site without an emergency stash of sugar.


A powerhouse of tech-minded, experience-driven go-getters, Kindle’s digital crew excels in engaging audiences on a variety of platforms. Whether the strategy is an ongoing campaign, a custom mobile solution or an interactive experience, our digital expertise lies in making that next swipe, click or tap worthwhile and wow-worthy.

  • The connection between music and code shines through – 80% of us are multi-instrumentalists.
  • Average typing speed: 109 words per minute

Content Strategy

Content is at the core of everything we do. That’s why the thinking behind that content needs to be informed, inspired and ingenious. Thanks to our content strategy bench, we can confidently say it is.

Our speechwriters, coaches and strategists all know the ins and outs of our clients’ industries just as well – if not better – than they do. And they know how to bring those ideas to life in ways that connect deeply with their audiences – whether it be in an ongoing campaign or live from a key leader on stage.

  • We all had our first jobs as preteens. Which means one of us has been working for 50+ years, another for 25+, and the rest somewhere in between.
  • Bolstering our collective internal communications expertise, we’re also trained in: change management, improv, counseling, facilitation, media training, social media marketing, creative writing, music, meditation, journalism, PR, international business, and advertising.


Kindle’s Learning Team is the industry leader when it comes to design, development and deployment of learning tools that motivate learners, grab their attention, and inspire changes. Our collection of talent brings over 100 years of training experience in the life sciences industry, partnering to not only ensure that all objectives are met, but are designed in a way that allows for elements to be built upon and transformed as future initiatives develop.

  • We are dedicated, disciplined, and no stranger to hard work. Over half of the folks on the Learning Team are former elite athletes and not strangers to the dedication it takes to truly be a leader in any discipline.
  • With our team spanning from Athens, Greece to Seattle, WA, we are truly able to develop 24 hours a day; in a sense creating time within projects.


Kindle can’t run without it's multitasking, deep in the details, overtly organized and always helpful ops team. From job numbers to expenses and everything in between, they handle the business of show business so the rest of us Kindlers can stay focused and creative while meeting all our client needs.

  • Running a successful production company isn’t the only running those on the operations side are familiar with. 20% of the team has run a marathon, 40% of the team has run a half-marathon and a whopping 80% of the team has driven past a Marathon.
  • And when it comes to business, they mean business. 6,285 invoices were processed through their department in 2018 alone.
Abbey Stroik Bitmoji Abbey Stroik Headshot
Abbey Stroik Senior Campaign Producer
Alex Nuttall Bitmoji Alex Nuttall Headshot
Alex Nuttall Digital Strategist
Alyssa Lencioni Bitmoji Alyssa Lencioni Headshot
Alyssa Lencioni Digital Executive Producer
Alyssa Scrofani Bitmoji Alyssa Scrofani Headshot
Alyssa Scrofani Executive Producer
Ben Spotora Bitmoji Ben Spotora Headshot
Ben Spotora Producer
Beth Crosley Bitmoji Beth Crosley Headshot
Beth Crosley Executive Producer
Brian Bowman Bitmoji Brian Bowman Headshot
Brian Bowman Partner, Executive Producer
Brian Paul Bitmoji Brian Paul Headshot
Brian Paul Executive Producer
Carla Volling-Rytell Bitmoji Carla Volling-Rytell Headshot
Carla Volling-Rytell SVP, Client Strategy & Business Development
Carol Cook Bitmoji Carol Cook Headshot
Carol Cook Director of Team Integration | Executive Producer
Cheever Griffin Bitmoji Cheever Griffin Headshot
Cheever Griffin Communication Strategist
Cherise Brock Bitmoji Cherise Brock Headshot
Cherise Brock Senior Designer
Chris Harrell Bitmoji Chris Harrell Headshot
Chris Harrell Partner, Executive Producer
Christina Novelli Bitmoji Christina Novelli Headshot
Christina Novelli Executive Producer
Colette May Bitmoji Colette May Headshot
Colette May Partner
Colleen Czajka Bitmoji Colleen Czajka Headshot
Colleen Czajka SVP, Client Services and Strategy
Courtney Quann Pederson Bitmoji Courtney Quann Pederson Headshot
Courtney Quann Pederson Partner, VP, Client Services
Craig Chaplin Bitmoji Craig Chaplin Headshot
Craig Chaplin Executive Creative Director
Dea Bona Bitmoji Dea Bona Headshot
Dea Bona VP, Operations
Emily Quinn Bitmoji Emily Quinn Headshot
Emily Quinn Writer
Erik Sennet Bitmoji Erik Sennet Headshot
Erik Sennet Director of Technology
Horace Bernabe Bitmoji Horace Bernabe Headshot
Horace Bernabe Production Assistant
Jeff Berkson Bitmoji Jeff Berkson Headshot
Jeff Berkson Senior Communication Strategist
Jenna Miller Bitmoji Jenna Miller Headshot
Jenna Miller Senior Producer
Jenny Brandt Bitmoji Jenny Brandt Headshot
Jenny Brandt Accounts Payable Specialist
John Havemann Bitmoji John Havemann Headshot
John Havemann Art Director | Senior Designer
John Hess Bitmoji John Hess Headshot
John Hess Executive Creative Director
Kelli Jacobs Bitmoji Kelli Jacobs Headshot
Kelli Jacobs Creative Director
Kelly Drinkwine Bitmoji Kelly Drinkwine Headshot
Kelly Drinkwine VP, Communication Strategy
Kerry Moore Bitmoji Kerry Moore Headshot
Kerry Moore Communication Strategist
Kevin Harrell Bitmoji Kevin Harrell Headshot
Kevin Harrell Partner
Kim Weisenberger Bitmoji Kim Weisenberger Headshot
Kim Weisenberger Campaign Producer
Lauren Moore Bitmoji Lauren Moore Headshot
Lauren Moore Project and Operations Lead
Leslie Fonnesbeck Bitmoji Leslie Fonnesbeck Headshot
Leslie Fonnesbeck Art Director
Lindsey Ebinger Bitmoji Lindsey Ebinger Headshot
Lindsey Ebinger Visual Producer
Liz Fritch Bitmoji Liz Fritch Headshot
Liz Fritch Associate Producer
Maeve O’Connor Bitmoji Maeve O’Connor Headshot
Maeve O’Connor Senior Producer
Matt Bowman Bitmoji Matt Bowman Headshot
Matt Bowman Executive Producer
Matt Paro Bitmoji Matt Paro Headshot
Matt Paro Senior Creative Director
Matt Williams Bitmoji Matt Williams Headshot
Matt Williams Chief Creative Officer
Mercedes Kane Bitmoji Mercedes Kane Headshot
Mercedes Kane Creative Director
Michelle Falknor Bitmoji Michelle Falknor Headshot
Michelle Falknor Partner
Mike Smith Bitmoji Mike Smith Headshot
Mike Smith Developer
Mike Thueson Bitmoji Mike Thueson Headshot
Mike Thueson Executive Producer
Natalie Bowman Bitmoji Natalie Bowman Headshot
Natalie Bowman Marketing Manager
Natalie Hords Bitmoji Natalie Hords Headshot
Natalie Hords Creative Director
Nikki Kimbrough Bitmoji Nikki Kimbrough Headshot
Nikki Kimbrough Associate Producer
Olivia Merlin Bitmoji Olivia Merlin Headshot
Olivia Merlin Account Director, Client Services & Business Development
Olivia Qualls Bitmoji Olivia Qualls Headshot
Olivia Qualls Campaign Coordinator
Pam Kalish Bitmoji Pam Kalish Headshot
Pam Kalish Partner, Executive Producer
Pamela Morgan Bitmoji Pamela Morgan Headshot
Pamela Morgan Executive Producer
Patrick Brandell Bitmoji Patrick Brandell Headshot
Patrick Brandell Media Producer
Patty McAndrew Bitmoji Patty McAndrew Headshot
Patty McAndrew Accounting Manager
Reagan Pitt Bitmoji Reagan Pitt Headshot
Reagan Pitt Production Coordinator
Shalyn Walsh Bitmoji Shalyn Walsh Headshot
Shalyn Walsh Executive Producer
Stephanie Byrne Bitmoji Stephanie Byrne Headshot
Stephanie Byrne Production Coordinator
Stephen Doylida Bitmoji Stephen Doylida Headshot
Stephen Doylida Graphic Artist
Steven Grey Bitmoji Steven Grey Headshot
Steven Grey IT Support Specialist
Tom Bowman Bitmoji Tom Bowman Headshot
Tom Bowman Executive Account Director
Tracy Wilson Bitmoji Tracy Wilson Headshot
Tracy Wilson Video Producer
Vanessa Santi D’Andrea Bitmoji Vanessa Santi D’Andrea Headshot
Vanessa Santi D’Andrea Executive Producer

built on strategy.

For us, strategy isn’t just a buzzword or a part of someone’s title – it’s a fire instilled in every member of the Kindle team and a foundation to the process that impacts each idea we conceive regardless of the scope or scale of a project.


Gather insights and information to better understand the desired outcomes, the audience mindset and the available tools and channels.


Spark a sound strategy with informed, cohesive creative and design recommendations to maximize engagement and effectiveness.


Ignite audiences by delivering best-in-class experiences that are thoughtfully-managed and expertly-executed.

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fearless collaboration every step of the way.

The brand's largest global gathering gets more connected.

fearless collaboration every step of the way.

The brand's largest global gathering gets more connected.

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