As live events begin to make their return, the live experience will undoubtedly be different than it was pre-pandemic. Attendee expectations and needs have evolved, content is consumed differently and remote participation has become normalized, and sometimes even required.

The foundation to creating a better live experience will mean making the most of time spent together in person—more than ever before— and focusing on purposeful connection and elements that make being in person worth being in person.

When returning to live, if not approached with maximum ROI in mind, ‘hybrid events’ can quickly become costly and clunky. To deliver a better event experience, a new strategy and approach is needed that goes beyond a format, like hybrid.

Shifting From ‘Hybrid Events’ to a New approach

The term ‘hybrid’ has flooded the industry when discussing the return to live, but the word alone doesn’t deliver the strategic approach needed to return to live safely and effectively. Hybrid is simply a format that combines live and remote elements. It’s nothing more than a technicality and reality as we transition back to a world that gathers again. If not approached with maximum ROI in mind, hybrid by its nature will make a live event costly and disconnected.

Focusing on purposeful connection and elements that make it worth the travel and time will be crucial, while still taking into consideration the needs and existence of a remote audience.

Introducing the LIVE+ Event Strategy

A LIVE+ event is a unique, memorable experience designed for the in-person attendee with special consideration for remote participants. The LIVE+ event strategy prioritizes the content and engagement of the live experience, while still providing an impactful experience for those who aren’t in attendance. Instead of force-fitting the live and remote experience together, it identifies the right moments to connect the two strategically in a way that makes sense. It retains all the great opportunities that the virtual environment has allowed while bringing back the sense of connection that humans crave.

Encompasses the power of live PLUS the reach of virtual.

Creates a best-in-class experience by acknowledging the difference between the two audience types.

Embraces the best aspects of virtual to make the most captivating, seamless and enhanced program possible.

Helps prioritize things like event duration, individual experience elements and content architecture.

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Elements Reimagined with LIVE+

restructure content & flow

Develop a purposeful content strategy framework that maximizes the in-person experience to include memorable moments on stage as well as key cultural, philanthropic and networking components while shifting more autonomous activities to a virtual setting

transform the attendee journey

Reimagine the attendee journey and event format to design a more meaningful experience that fits the changing needs of event attendees

amplify moments that matter

Prioritize more impactful live engagement tactics that amplify moments you cannot experience at home

set the stage for the remote attendee

Focus on elevated event production that benefits in-person attendees and facilitates broadcasting for virtual

leverage the benefits of virtual

Capitalize on the virtual best practices honed over the past year to maximize the speed, convenience and extended reach of your important messages

communicate your expectations

Clear, concise and frequent communication with attendees creates confidence, excitement and alignment

How LIVE+ Changes Live Events

Leans into the value of being together in person

Leverages the best of what virtual brings to the table

Takes advantage of the ability to reach an expanded audience

Informed by a better understanding and acknowledgment of what the attendees expect and want

Leverages the accelerated global connectedness

Adapts how content and messaging is delivered

Provides more meaningful and purposeful live to remote connections

Utilizes new technology that helps both the live and remote experience be more meaningful, focused and purposeful

In Action: McDonald’s Worldwide Convention

Kindle has been executing LIVE+ events long before 2020. The 2018 Worldwide Convention didn’t only have an in-person audience but a remote global audience of over 10,000 attendees. Our in-house team developed a comprehensive digital solution that provided a digital hub for the remote audience, allowing them to be connected to the event in a cohesive way. The website provided tailored content, allowing the audience to consume in the way that served them best. General sessions were streamed live and all content was housed in an on-demand, watch at your pace hub. Additional engagement elements included roving reporters providing show floor updates for both the in-person and remote attendee, daily recaps and segmented theming and messaging. The experience ensured remote attendees still had a memorable experience while focusing on the live audience.

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