4 Enterprise Tools That Will Upgrade Your Communications and Events

Effective communication within your organization can be the deciding factor between an engaged and excited employee and one who feels out of the loop or disconnected. Fortunately, a number of enterprise communication tools and event-specific platforms can noticeably improve your team’s event execution at the office and in the field. Consider these platforms if you’re looking for a new way to communicate or engage, at events or otherwise:

 1. Staffbase
Staffbase is a user-friendly cross-platform portal that can help enterprise companies centralize their communication channels into one sleek, modern interface. If you’re looking for a platform that can help you communicate more effectively than email and at best become an engagement game-changer, Staffbase could be just that.

 2. Braindate by e180
Braindate has the capacity to be the most memorable part of your gathering. Opt into one-on-one conversations or create group chats based on topics generated by attendees and facilitated by your event app or the Braindate portal itself. We recently experienced the platform at the C2 conference in Montreal, which proved to be a very effective use of technology to drive successful event networking.

3. Jomablue
As a combination of event software and smart badge hardware, Jomablue provides one of the best on-site registration experiences in the industry. The platform can score behavior and engagement and provide real-time event analytics. With seamless integration into your event app and marketing workflow, Jomablue offers long-term benefits to your attendee data and event planning.

 4. Microsoft Teams
Microsoft responded to Slack and HipChat’s growing popularity with its own refreshing take on collaborative chat for enterprise companies, Microsoft Teams. If your company is already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, you can easily incorporate it to modernize how you share ideas in real-time. 

Making the Most of Your Enterprise Communication Tools

Whichever communication solution you choose, you’ll need to ensure it is used appropriately to gain maximum ROI. After launch, engage users with what resonates best with them. Try gamifying the experience or adding incentives during the early weeks of adoption.

Use your chosen platform to present your content more engagingly. An informative piece of content can be meaningless if you can’t bring readers to it, so use images, videos, or interactive elements whenever possible.

Finally, talk to your IT department about platform features that might fly under the radar without a technical perspective. A sparsely used feature or a freshly unlocked set of functionalities might be the ticket to more effective communication.

Using enterprise communication and event tools offers major benefits that can really pay off. But no matter how good the tools are, how you use them determines their true value.