Three Tactics to Virtually Maximize Sales Force Engagement

Your company’s salesforce is the beating pulse of your pipeline, and whether you’re launching a new product, going through change management, or rolling out updates, in-person training has been mandatory in arming them with the right tools to drive success. But what happens when you’re no longer able to engage with your field of sales professionals in a live setting?

There is an imperative need, especially now, for maintaining engagement with your sales teams. These times have forced us to look past our typical traditional approaches and concept new ways to connect, communicate, and make an impact. Below we dive into three distinct yet easily integrated concepts to help prepare field sales in the virtual space to thrive in an evolving marketplace.

Tap Into External Experts More Often: Bringing Outside Perspectives to Inside Objectives

Tap into external experts who can bring invaluable thought leadership to the table and encourage different types of behavior. Tapping into subject matter experts helps bring outside perspectives to inside objectives while providing valuable insights on a variety of topics and inspiration in both the everyday and extraordinary. Experts meaningfully accelerate the retention of a company’s messaging and validate the point of view of an internal stakeholder. 

With the virtual atmosphere now at play, the opportunities to involve these types of experts are more attainable than before, with access and availability more flexible. Key options to consider include:

  • Subject-matter expertise panels 
  • One-on-one interviews 
  • Facilitated Q&A sessions
  • Workshops hosted by guest speaker
  • A series of “MasterClass” style on-demand videos

Many experts offer additional materials and tools to further the conversation and reiterate the added value of their perspectives.

External speakers bring resiliency and motivation. They are proven motivators to the salesforce and display a sense of strength and confidence. When considering external speakers during this time, the current mindset of your audience is crucial. Take time to assess the challenges and needs your audience is currently facing and identify the right angle from there. 

For example, for audiences currently focusing on balancing work with self-care during these stressful times, self-care gurus can inspire audiences to focus on their mental awareness and how to stay mindful of personal and professional goals and priorities. For an audience uncertain of the future of their companies or nervous about the impact of the pandemic, tapping into prominent industry experts who can elaborate on the state of the business, how it will be affected by the pandemic, and provide behind the scenes insights gives the audience a new perspective from those who have seen it all.

Virtual Area Rallies: Getting The Message Out and the Engagement Up

Virtual area rallies, a series of small groups (100 people or less) connected over a video conference for a motivational rally, are a great way to drive connection amongst your sales force. Area rallies provide an opportunity for executive and area-level sales leadership to have targeted interactions with each respective geography and demonstrate that the organization is investing in the development of each area. Area rallies also help build cultural bonds with each team and help clearly communicate action and understanding of how the business is performing and how best to prepare for what’s next.

When planning your virtual area strategy, be sure to address all phases of the experience; the pre-show anticipation, mid-show engagement, and post-rally connections. Build pre-show hype by sending out drip communications and materials to help prepare for the rally. Enhance mid-show participation by including surprise and delight moments and branded gear to show your team spirit. Allow time for optional culture-building activities during a virtual cocktail happy hour following the main session. 

A series of virtual area rallies can lead up to an in-person event when it’s possible to physically gather again, but in the meantime provide the platform to deliver fresh, relevant content, connect with leadership and build upon the network of resources available to your sales force.

Engagement Campaigns: Keeping the Message Fresh

This time has proven that communication is more important than ever, making it essential to have a platform that keeps your teams informed, provides easy access resources and facilitates consistent updates. Through a strategic, engaging communications campaign, you’re able to maintain company culture virtually, provide access to leadership and communicate on the state of the business.

This can come to fruition in a myriad of ways, including a branded centralized platform, distributing field reports that allow for the audience to get involved in the messaging, and mixing in some fun, topical content to show personality.

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