Lead with Less: Kindle Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy

Caitlin Stankus

I recently journeyed to the 2018 Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC), where there was a lot to soak in. My fellow Kindler and I were drawn to SIC to interact and engage with leaders who share values we strive to meet at Kindle every day: a commitment to excellence, curiosity and respect for all. SIC is a two-day conference where creativity, technology, business and culture converge, and it didn’t disappoint.

Sparking Ideas with Chicago Ideas Week


How do you keep your creative edge sharp? Maybe you take a creative writing class or attend a marketing seminar. Maybe you find unique ways to give back to your community or attend talks by motivational speakers. The answer for Kindle, and many other Chicago creatives, is all the above and more. Luckily, there is one week each year that we can experience it all at once—Chicago Ideas Week.

6 Ways to Engage Employees at Your Next Event

Craig Chaplin



In a 2014 survey, more than 78 percent of Millennials said they prefer spending their money on experiences over material things. But these days, technology has us so glued to our phones, constantly connected to virtual conversations or Instagramming our breakfasts, that we rarely find the chance to truly connect or have meaningful real-world interactions with other people.